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As a luthier, we not only offer exclusive instruments, but also act as a specialist dealer for classical stringed instruments of all kinds. In our studio in Bamberg you will find a diverse selection of instruments of different categories. We offer affordable entry-level instruments for students as well as rare treasures from centuries past.

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First class musical instruments of different price categories

Specialized trade for stringed instruments

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Our goal is to help musicians find their musical “life companion”.

Regardless of whether it is an ambitious amateur, a music student or a professional musician, everyone strives for an instrument with which they can realize their tonal ideas without restrictions. For this reason, we only offer instruments that we are convinced will create a harmonious overall picture.

All the decisive factors have to fit together:

  • The sound quality and sound potential, which are considered the most important factors.
  • The visual and technical condition of the instrument.
  • The name of the violin maker and the historically correct or traceable condition of the instrument.
  • Possibly also the potential for an increase in value.

Our instruments are in the best possible condition and we bring them to their maximum sound level.

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German, French & Italian instruments

The forges of stringed instrument making

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We usually have various instruments from the following categories ready to play for you:

  • High quality German city violin making (e.g. Oswald Möckel)
  • French instruments (e.g. Bernardel, Vuillaume)
  • and of course modern and classic Italian

In addition, we can also provide you with other instruments. Since these are very high-quality instruments, viewing and auditioning are only possible by appointment and prior personal contact. Contact us!


Procedure of a sale on commission

Discreet, transparent & careful

The consignment sale of a stringed instrument is typically a process in which a seller provides their instrument to a dealer or music store to sell on consignment. Here are the steps that usually go into detail when selling a stringed instrument on consignment:

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  1. Personal initial meeting with you.
  2. Agreement of conditions: We make an agreement on the terms of the commission sale. This includes aspects such as the asking price, the commission fee, the length of the sales period and other relevant agreements. The usual term of a commission contract is approximately two years and the notice period is approximately three months.
  3. Appraisal & Instrument Valuation: we carefully examine the instrument and prepare an appraisal to determine its condition, value and other important details.
  4. Preparation of instrument information: We prepare a comprehensive description of the instrument, including its origin, age, characteristics, sound and other relevant information. This may include high-quality photos of the instrument to give potential buyers an accurate idea of it.
  5. Discreet marketing (promotion) of the instrument: we use various channels to promote the instrument and attract potential buyers. This may include publishing ads in trade magazines, online marketplaces, or using your own customer base. Each measure is discussed with you personally beforehand and your consent is obtained.
  6. Sales negotiations: As soon as a potential buyer shows interest in the instrument, we take over the negotiations and we inform you about incoming offers. You then have the option to accept, reject, or negotiate the offer if necessary.
  7. Closing the sale: When the seller and the potential buyer agree on a price, the sale is closed. The dealer takes care of processing the sale, including receiving payment from the buyer and completing all necessary formalities.
  8. Payout: After the sale is completed, you will receive the agreed amount minus the agreed commission fee.

It is important to note that the exact procedures and conditions of the commission sale of string instruments may vary depending on the individual agreement. We recommend that a written agreement be made prior to the commission sale to clearly state all details and terms.

You want to put your string instrument on commission?

Discreet sale

We will be happy to sell your stringed instrument or bows on your behalf. Our goal is to achieve a fair and reasonable price for both you and potential buyers. If necessary, we perform a thorough examination of the instrument before the sale to take into account economic and tonal aspects. At the highest level we also offer restorations and revisions.

Benefit from our comprehensive service around the sale. Do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal.

Quality features for string instruments

What you should pay attention to when buying

When looking for a string instrument, quality is a key aspect to consider. But what really makes a stringed instrument high quality? Here are some key factors to consider:

Wood selection

The choice of wood is a decisive factor for the quality of a stringed instrument. Most high-quality stringed instruments are made of specially selected maple and spruce wood. Maple is typically used for the back and sides of the instrument as well as the neck and scroll, while spruce is used for the top (the top plate of the instrument). These woods are preferred for their excellent sound properties, durability and aesthetics.


Making a stringed instrument is an artful craft that requires years of experience and precision. The luthier’s ability to shape the wood, assemble and fine-tune the instrument has a huge impact on the sound and playability of the instrument. Handmade instruments made by experienced luthiers are often of higher quality than those made by machines.


The varnish of a stringed instrument plays not only an aesthetic role, but also influences the sound. The varnish protects the wood from environmental influences and contributes to its ability to vibrate. High-quality lacquers are often made according to traditional recipes and applied in several layers to achieve an optimal balance between protection and resonance.

Sound quality

The ultimate measure of the quality of a stringed instrument is its sound. A high quality instrument produces a rich, full tone with good projection and balance between registers. It should also have a good response, which means that it is easy to play and the strings respond quickly to the bow.

Each of these quality characteristics plays a critical role in creating an exceptional stringed instrument. But it is the harmony of these elements that makes an instrument truly outstanding. Each instrument has its own character and its own “sound”, and it is this unique character that guides musicians in their search for the perfect instrument.

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