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Traditional violin making


Hello! Nice of you to stop by. We are pleased to present our work to you and would be happy to provide you with our expertise in person.

For about thirty years we have lived and loved the special craft of violin making. Inspired by historical masters such as Guarneri del Gesù, Antonio Giacomo Stradivari and the Amati family, we strive for the highest possible perfection and have already been able to inspire numerous, renowned artists with our work.

We have made a name for ourselves through extraordinarily detailed replicas of historical models from the heyday of violin making. If you wish to commission the construction of a new stringed instrument from us, we will be happy to advise you personally in our Bamberg violin making studio.

Our utmost care goes into every project, as well as all our skill and all our knowledge from the research of sound, which we have acquired over many years. We guarantee that your instrument will be in good hands when you bring it to us for maintenance or restoration.

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Thomas van der Heyd

Violin maker with passion

  • 1995 – 1998 Apprenticeship as violin maker in the workshop “Roderich Paesold”, Bubenreuth as well as in the violin making school, Mittenwald
  • 1998 Master workshop of the Höfner company in Hagenau
  • 2004 Passing of the master craftsman examination
  • 2005 Foundation of a workshop in Breitbrunn
  • 2011 Foundation of a workshop in Bamberg
  • 2018 Foundation of a workshop in Frankfurt

After his violin making apprenticeship in Bubenreuth, Thomas’ years of travel initially took him to the Swiss violin making school in Brienz, where he was able to learn the restoration craft at the very highest level under Jean-Jacques Fasnacht.

Another station was then the position of workshop foreman in the traditional house of violin making Winterling in Hamburg.

Over the years, he has steadily deepened his understanding of the interplay of the various factors involved in building a new stringed instrument. His instruments enjoy the highest reputation and are appreciated by professional musicians worldwide for their sound quality.

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Our service

Quality at the highest level

van der Heyd Violins is one of the most renowned violin makers in Germany when it comes to high-quality, classical string instruments. Please feel free to come by and let us inspire you personally with our exclusive assortment. Our unique selection offers instruments and bows for every requirement.

Whether for the beginner or for professional musicians – with us you will find everything. From solid entry-level instruments to magnificent masterpieces of instrument and bow making from Italy, France or Germany of the past three centuries.

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Modern string instruments and baroque replicas true to the original.

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Professional refurbishment and reconstruction to the last detail.

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Damage repair, cleansing, maintenance and tone adjustment.

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Modern to baroque treasures – for every budget and every demand

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Discreet promotion of consigned instruments.

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Appraisal report

Assessments and appraisals for string instruments.


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New workshop in Bamberg

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After several years in Frankfurt am Main, we are now permanently back in the heart of Upper Franconia, the historic city of Bamberg. Home of the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra and a World Heritage Site.

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